Our Services


Heart attack. Stroke. Accidents. The fact is, no one ever plans to need an ambulance. However, thousand of times each year, ProMed Ambulance responds when a life is on the line.

For nearly three decades, ProMed Ambulance has been recognized as an industry leader in emergency medical services and ambulance transportation. Operating from eight stations located across six Arkansas counties, ProMed Ambulance provides paramedic advanced life support care across to more than 125,000 residents in our 4,500 sq. mile service region.

Each ProMed Ambulance is equipped with the latest technology including LifePak 15 cardiac monitor/defibrillator/pacemakers, Zoll EMV+ critical care ventilators, automated CPR devices, multi-channel IV pumps plus much more. Boasting some of the most advanced clinical standards, our paramedic care teams truly bring a “rolling emergency room” to the patient’s side on every call.


Not every call requires a “lights and siren” response, but every call requires compassion, professionalism and a commitment to providing high-quality care. ProMed provides a wide array of non-emergency services at both the basic life support (BLS) and advanced levels of care. From hospital admits to discharge, you can count on our teams to be there. And, when the mission is critical, you can count on our Critical Care Paramedics to bring the extra equipment and skills necessary to accomplish any mission.


Event Medical Services is a special teams division of ProMed Ambulance. Whether is covering a local fair, festival or other large scale event, our teams are onsite to ensure the health and safety of those in attendance. Special equipment including crowd safe ATV’s, electric response vehicles and a bike medic team are available to quickly navigate difficult terrain and limited access areas.