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Now is the time to join ProMed's PriorityCare ambulance membership program! Open enrollment runs OCT 1 - NOV 30.

While we accept memberships throughout the year, rates are not prorated. Take advantage of tremendous cost savings by enrolling today.

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ProMed PrioityCARE Ambulance Membership Rates

$39/year  Individual     $69/year  TotalCARE
In critical emergencies, maintaining an open, effective airway is vital. ProMed Ambulance is pleased to announce the adoption of the King Vision video laryngoscope device in our arsenal of advanced care equipment on board each paramedic advanced life support unit. Medics will begin inservice training on June 1 and the state-of-the-art alternative airway devices will be available when time is critical.   CLICK HERE TO WATCH DEMO
King Vision Video Laryngoscope Enhances Airway Care
Beginning October 1, 2015 our FAMILY membership plans are now TotalCARE -- coverage for an entire household.