-  18 years of age
-  Arkansas Drivers License with clean driving record
-  Ability to pass drug & health screenings
-  Good physical condition
-  Ability to lift 125 pounds
-  Ability to work in varying environmental conditions
-  Able to operate large frame vehicle safely
-  Must meet training program minimum education entry requirements
-  Good reading, writing and verbal communication skills
-  Willingness to work in fast paced, unpredictable field settings
-  High degree of personal integrity, honesty and responsibility

-  Ability to work effectively with minimal supervision, using good judgment and common sense with a thorough understanding of the principles of emergency medical care.

- Ability to work efficiently and interact in a constructive and professional manner with other employees, a partner, public safety personnel, medical staff, and other emergency medical service members.

- Ability to interact effectively and professionally with patients, customers, clients, family members, bystanders, and the general public in such a manner as to reflect credibly on ProMed Ambulance, Inc.

- Demonstrates a level of skill and ability consistent with the provision of high quality patient care.

- The ability to perform effectively as team leader in patient care situations.

- The ability to perform effectively in carrying out public relations and community education functions and the ability to deal effectively with members of the medical community and general public in promoting ProMed Ambulance, Inc.

ProMed EMT Academy
ProMed Ambulance is an equal opportunity, veteran friendly employer.
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