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If you're considering a career as an emergency medical technician (EMT), you're probably wondering what, exactly, an EMT does. When an accident or sudden illness occurs - specially trained medical professionals usually respond as part of the community's 9-1-1 emergency response system. These professionals who work in the field of Emergency Medical Services are known as EMTs or paramedics.

In EMS, there are three levels of training: EMT, Advanced EMT (AEMT) and Paramedic (Medic). EMT professionals are Emergency Medical Technicians with basic training and the Paramedics are the highest rank holders in the field of EMS with intensive training. All levels go through the certification and licensure exams conducted by the state authorities to work in the field.

EMT training includes a 110-hour classroom course that consists of lecture, hands-on skills training, hospital clinical rotations and ride-along time on an active ambulance unit. The course provides basic life support training and includes CPR, airway assessment, bleeding control and trauma management, common medical emergencies, emergency childbirth, rescue techniques and the operation of the ambulance vehicle. An EMT is an important member of every EMS team whether it's working with another EMT or as the primary partner to the Paramedic as part of an advanced life support (ALS) team.

Many EMT's go on to take additional training and become Advanced EMT's or medics. Advanced levels can administer IV fluids, use advanced airway devices, administer medications and are responsbile for more intensive advanced life support. These advanced courses require 150-1200 hours of additional training and includes a more intensive clinical and field internship period.
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