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Have you considered a career in emergency medical services?  Explore this site and learn how ProMed Ambulance can help you build a fast-track career in emergency medical services in as little as 6 weeks, starting with the ProMed EMT Academy. This special offering is not just a trainng program, but employment and a pathway to a successful career with ProMed Ambulance. No experience necessary! You provide the drive and motivation, and we will help you navigate your personal career path to success!
EMT Academy candidates are full time employees with ProMed Ambulance while receiving initial training. ProMed's EMT Academy is an accellerated training program which includes both classroom and field internship work. Candidates will attend class Monday-Friday for five (5) weeks, and upon completion, will be eligible to challenge the National Registry of EMTs written and practical examinations. Passing these exams will achieve licensure as an EMT in the State of Arkansas. Candiates meeting this entry-level criteria will then be assigned to one of ProMed's active operating divisions and placed on the regular full-time staffing schedule. It's that easy to begin a career in EMS!
ProMed EMT Academy
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Classes begin January 23