DMART has deployed to every Gulf Coast  hurricane since Katrina 2005. Our team members are seasoned and know what it takes to operate in the dynamic disaster environments.
Always There ... Ready To Care
No community is immune from disasters and situations that can stress the resources of the local EMS system. As part of our committment to helping in such crisis events, ProMed has established an elite team that is ready to respond when disaster strikes.

Our Disaster Medical Advanced Response Team (DMART) is comprised of individuals across our entire system. Team members train extensively in special response operations and each member has additional speciality training courses that enable them to fully function under the National Incident Management System (NIMS)

The DMART team has responded to hurricanes, tornadoes, wildland fires, hazardous materials situations, and many other events. Should your community or industry need an organized medical team response during a critical situation, contact ProMed DMART immediately. We are ready to mobilize -- 24/7/365
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