While you focus on high quality patient care, our focus is on getting you paid!
No one will argue that ambulance billing is a different animal in a jungle of paperwork and regulation. Since the inception of the ambulance fee schedule, critical functions in ambulance billing require a vast level of expertise.

Ambulance billing in today’s health care services arena has become so complex, so time-consuming that many EMS agencies find that it is handled more cost-efficiently by professionals specialized in the EMS billing discipline.

Puzzeled by ambulance billing? ProMed is the missing piece. If faster, more cost-efficient with hassle-free compliance is what your ambulance service is looking for, it’s time to take a closer look at ProMed.
Complete ePCR solution for your department ... with NO hardware or software to purchase!
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...we're the missing piece!
“With an ever tightening budget, there
was little hope of an ePCR solution for our agency. Then we went with ProMed. Now, our budget is sound and we are taking advantage of the latest in reimbursement technology.”
                               -  Randy Boren, Director
                                 Franklin Co. EMS
                                 Ozark, Arkansas
“For nearly a decade, ProMed has provided my department with a solid ambulance billing program with excellent service. Their attention to accuracy and compliance are second to none.”
                               -  Floyd McAdoo, Chief
                                 El Dorado Fire Dept.
                                 El Dorado, Arkansas
“It’s so nice to have a full professional staff dedicated solely to working our ambulance claims. Since we’ve been with ProMed, our reimbursement rate has steadily increased. Their billing skills and 100% customer driven support is outstanding. We trust them fully.”
                                   - Tony Rinehart, Dir.
                                     Calhoun Co. EMS
                                     Hampton, AR